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Prophetic Word from God of impending Judgment on America: 12-10-19

This is an inspired Word of Prophecy from God regarding the stench of sin and iniquity in America that will be judged by Him.

Please note: There is a second part of this Word that is specifically for the Remnant of God that I have not included here.

“I have been warning My people. I have been calling out for My people to come back to Me and My ways. I have been calling out to My people to turn from their wicked ways.

Can you not see that judgment is coming and coming quickly? There will be much weeping and sorrow. There is a multitude who sit idle willingly and listen to great orators who lull them to sleep with the lullaby of plenty.

They hear the sweet words dripped in fragrant flowers, covered with a light dew and the dawning of the sun. All a beautiful picture and song to lead My people astray. But they willingly sway to the tune and turn aside from My ways. For they are hypnotized by sorcerers and cannot even discern they are like the world. They sit thinking that their clothes of fine linen, the jewels adorning their necks, and the fat wallets are a symbol of Me!

So they sit and allow evil to continue because it does not affect them.

My rainbow has been defiled and Sodom and Gomorrah are alive and accepted. Children are being offered to satisfy the most deviant and heads turn away…unaffected. Who is crying for them?

Then there is your greed and sacrificial offering of lives that have not even been born or has lived. Can you not see that these babies are offered as a sacrifice to the gods of darkness and then a profit is made as well? So then My children sit quietly accepting this abomination as a woman’s right.

Why are not My children filled with anger? Why are not My children filled with sorrow? Why are not My children demanding that this abominable sacrifice be stopped?

It is because they sit still, quietly and obediently to the song of apathy. Doing nothing and yet gaining all is appealing. They can look at their hands and not see the filth.

So I say they will be held accountable.

My people partake in the sacrifices without lifting a hand.

Your country is vile and wicked. As I said “the blood cannot be contained any longer within the borders of your country. The blood spills over your borders to other nations.”

Your wicked and abominable acts parading in the streets with onlookers clapping and cheering. Your riches have made you drunk and in a stupor.

Did you think this would be allowed to continue? No! I say read Isaiah 1 and see your future. Your future of death, tears, and sorrow. If you will not turn back to Me and establish My ways among your people.

Your country is as Sodom and as Gomorrah…it will not continue.

The luxury you thought was yours to have and to hold will slip through your fingers. The soft seats of comfort will be as sitting on nails, piercing your flesh. The once melodic song that lulled you to sleep will become a screeching pitch that will fill your ears and not be drowned out.

How I have cried out over and over for My people to repent and return to My heart and Kingdom. To return to My holy ways of life and love.

This thing is detestable to Me. But I will not be silent. I will visit this wicked and abominable country who loves to play the harlot and seduce others to do the same.”

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