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Prophetic warning to America, End Times, God's Judgment upon America

Prophetic Word 10-5-20: God has waited long enough: Judgment is coming

This prophetic word was originally given on 10-5-03. On 10-5-20 God said to put it forth again.

I have waited, I have watched and I have seen the decisions of My children. They choose not Me or My ways. They have turned aside from Me. Their indifference to My Kingdom places them outside My covering. Have I not said the trumpet has sounded? Yet My words and decrees have been heeded not! Where is the fear of Yahweh? For I am Creator of Heaven and earth- I hold all in the palm of My hand.

Do My children not see that I will smite them with My own hand lest they return to Me? I control My Kingdom with a mighty hand. I will not allow My children entrance to Me or My Kingdom unless they return to Me and My ways and reject the world. I created the world-the world did not create Me! I created man-man did not create Me! Yet My children create their own gods to worship before them. I will not allow any gods to stand next to Me. This will happen not! I have called out to My children- I have given instructions to My children and they still have heeded Me not. Will I allow this rejection of My children to continue?

Fool yourselves no longer. Your fear for Me is as nothing. Your commitment to Me is as nothing. Your love for Me is as nothing. What foundation has been laid to grant you access to Me and My Kingdom? The world and its ways will never allow you access to Me and My Kingdom. Do not be deceived. Hear now O children- your clothing gives you no covering for you stand naked before Me. You have humiliated yourselves and Me. I will not stand by and allow this to continue. I am a jealous God and you have played a harlot with the world- do not confuse Me with the world. Do not mix My holy and righteous ways with your pagan gods and their ways.

Hear O children-your time is quickly approaching and coming to an end. You are fat from eating of the world’s ways and you have feasted and gorged yourselves until it now drips down your chin as an open sign of your devotion. Your devotion is not to Me and My ways. Hear O children – you will receive your just reward for the choices you are continually making. For I know your hearts. They are far from Me. There will be a fear- such a great fear. A cry- such a great cry as none has ever heard or seen before. My anger is hot and I am kindled against you. You will look around and see that you are naked and want to cover yourselves but you are so fat you cannot move. You will be seen in your nakedness and in your indulgence and many will perish.

How many times must I call out to you My people? Seven times seventy? Yet you answer Me not. For I have called out. I have cried out for holiness to be upon you, My people. My voice you recognize not. You recognize not My words. You have deceived yourselves into thinking you live a life of holiness unto Me. Your holiness is as vapors. It is not upon you My people. Will you fear Me when destruction comes? Will you turn to Me and My ways when you see many perish before you? Will you acknowledge My holy Kingdom and all My ways? History will be made – the numbers will be written down as history- just as of old. Let this be a sign to you of your wickedness and the punishment given. Your wickedness is so very great and it will be met with judgment in the same measure.

Think not to yourselves the harshness of this proclamation I make. Think of the mercy I show- yes many will perish but out of the smoke and ash will come a sweet remnant unto Me. A precious few will repent of their wickedness and turn completely to Me. These that overcome will receive My protection. See that My heart and hand are not harsh- but just. Do you see that an eye for an eye will be required- but from this, I will gather My true dear ones unto Me. I will gather those who call on My name and are called by My name.

Search yourselves- allow Me to search you, purge you, mold and cleanse you, clothe you. For I will clothe you in My holy garment of righteousness. Do not mistake My words this day- you are naked and fat. I will stand for this not longer. I have wanted to clothe and feed you from My Kingdom, but again and again and again I am rejected. You have chosen this day who you will serve and it not Me. Suffering and affliction will be your covering- For if you serve Me not- also are you not covered of Me. I hold My hand out against you and I turn and look away from you now. I have cast judgment upon you.

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