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Chatroom Guidelines

Note: If you would like to fellowship with others who are like-minded, on a deeper level throughout the week, then we invite you to join us in “The Realm”  online community.  Please click here.

Please Note: The Radio Chat Room is only active during Parson Rayphe’s radio programs.

During his radio programs, Parson Rayphe utilizes the chat room that is part of our online classroom which Parson Rayphe uses for coaching, meetings, courses and other ministry.

The first time you join there will be just a couple of easy steps.  Just follow the simple instructions and then the meeting room will open up.  In the future, you will bypass those couple of steps.  Once in the meeting room, a row of buttons should automatically appear across the bottom. If they don’t automatically appear then just mouse across the bottom and that will make them appear.

When you see the row of buttons, mouse over them individually and their function will appear. Click on the one that says “chat”.  The chat bar will appear on the right. Enter your name and say hi in the box at the bottom.

For these purposes, your microphone will already be automatically muted. You will have the option of activating your video. We recommend that you leave your video off.  If you don’t have video then you can just disregard anything that has to do with it.

It sounds like more than it is.  It is actually very simple and intuitive:  But if you do; please contact us.  We won’t be able to reply before the program but we can help you prepare for the next one.

Parson Rayphe tries to have the chat room open 15 minutes prior to air time.  Sometimes things are a little busy then so if it is late please be patient.  Just click the blue box below and we’ll see you on the other side…

By the way: The chat room is a family friendly environment.  Please exercise common courtesy. No profanity and please do not reference other ministries — it’s just much easier that way…  Thank you.

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