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Is Religious Religion Really A Realtionship With God? NO! Jesus / Yeshua Was CONSTANTLY Being Harassed By The Religious People. Christian Healing Coach, Radio, Podcast, Healing And Revival Ministry

God’s Kingdom Podcast Summary: Religion vs Relationship P. 4

Following is a summary of the God’s Kingdom Radio Program. For complete information please review the podcast.

After a very quick review of parts 1-3 we begin part 4.

Remember: For REAL healing and/or revival to occur in your life, religion will need to be eradicated. The more religion you have in your life, the less you will experience God.

While the idea of this series is how to combat the spirit of religion, it is important to remember that many people like to be religious. In fact, from a worldly perspective, in some situations, it can be quite advantageous. It is good to be aware of people who think that way.

Following are five reasons that someone may prefer to be religious rather than have a relationship with Yeshua. This list can be used to consider your own ways as well as to assess the fruit of others as God leads.

Apathy – It is my observation and experience that the majority of American Christians are apathetic.  They may “go to church” but if they do, they feel that that is where their obligation ends.  While there they will usually listen to the speaker most of the time, and unless the speaker says anything too outrageous what they hear from the pulpit will shape their religion until they hear something else that seems to make more sense to them.  These people will try to live a mostly “moral” life based upon what they have been told God wants, and what seems right to them, but not because of any spiritual conviction.

Ignorance – This group is similar to the first group except they may be a little more dogmatic.  While “at church” they may follow along when the speaker suggests that they look at a verse in their Bible, they usually pay their tithes, and they may even pray before dinner, at home, in the evenings.  No one has ever told them that anything more is required and they haven’t bothered to look for themselves.

Selfishness – (closely related to pride) There can be a lot of advantages to being involved with “a church”.  It can be a good way to climb the community social ladder.  You can dress up once a week, be social when necessary, donate some extra cash that is tax-deductible, it can be a good thing: A relatively small investment for a good return. 

You might even find a husband, wife, or friends there that are morally similar. There are many selfish reasons that a person could attend “a church” and embrace religion with little or no concern about a relationship with Yeshua.

Pride – In the end, apathy, ignorance, selfishness, and most other reasons that a person prefers religion over authentic relationship (perhaps except for the demonic spirit addressed next) is pride:  Pride prevents a person from humbling themselves before Almighty God to see for themselves what He asks of him or her.  In the end, almost all sin is rooted in pride.  If a person is willing to acknowledge that Yahweh God is God and they are not, they will do whatever it takes to humble themselves before Him.

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

Psalms 139:23

A religious demonic spirit – For those unfamiliar with demonic spirits, they can come upon a person for a number of reasons or sometimes, for no legal reason at all.  Demonic religious spirits can certainly influence a person to be “religious” as we have defined here.  This can cause the person to “think” that they are a “good Christian”.  However, rather than aligning with God, they are simply living an illusion in a parallel existence, never really connecting with Him. 

There are several articles on this website about demonic spirits.  If interested in that, just go to the search bar on the home page and do a search on the subject.

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away… 

2 Timothy 3:5

For more details please refer to Parts one, two, and today’s broadcast / podcast.

Parson Rayphe

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