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Lauren Daigle asked is homosexuality a sin.

Regarding “Is homosexuality a sin?” and Lauren Daigle: The bigger picture

Lauren Daigle is homosexuality a sin? The bigger pictureWhat is all the huff about?
I can’t remember how I learned about Lauren Daigle several months ago.  At this point I know relatively little about her.  I have seen a few articles and listened to a few of her songs and interviews.  Like many others, I very much like the couple of songs of hers that I have heard like this one.  If you click on it you will see it has been viewed over 45,967,263 times on Youtube.

For me, that was pretty much the extent of it until this article popped up on Facebook.  The article is titled “Lauren Daigle on homosexuality: “I can’t say one way or the other if it’s a sin, I’m not God”.  The article is about an interview during which L. Daigle made that comment.

About Lauren Daigle
If you are unfamiliar with Daigle let me fill you in a little.  Lauren Daigle is a 27-year-old young woman who has make it big in the Christian music industry.  She signed on to her first record label in 2013, enjoyed her first big hit in the spring of 2015 and it seems she hasn’t looked back since.  Here is an article if you would like some more information about her.

In mid-October of 2018  L. Daigle appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and sang a song.  Ellen is a well-known homosexual activist and has a very popular, prime-time network television show.  Someone I respect criticized Daigle for appearing on the show.  Thinking of Jesus / Yeshua as “a friend of sinners” I defended Daigle saying what better place could a “Christian” song be sung.  I still stand by that statement even though the song she sang was picked by Ellen and therefore had an arguably weaker Christian message.

However, Daigle did draw a lot of criticism for appearing on Ellen.  Both her appearance and the criticism she received began a wave of press and discussion on the matter.   This article, that I linked to above, is part of that wave of press that Daigle received.  The old public relations saying is that “no press is bad press” and so I am sure that Daigle will benefit from the attention; the question is what will she do with it.

My thoughts on Lauren Daigle and her denial of homosexuality
As I indicated, I applauded Daigle for being on the Ellen show.  However, when she was later asked the very pointed, straightforward question, “is homosexuality a sin” and she replied with “I can’t say one way or the other if it’s a sin, I’m not God…  Read the Bible and find out for yourself.  And when you find out let me know because I’m learning too,”; we have a problem.

She was asked a very direct question and, in response, gave a very politically correct answer.  Some are vigorously defending her saying things like “The thing is – she pointed them to the Bible!”, “Each situation takes holy spirit and listening to Him on what should be said or not said”, “She can’t say her personal beliefs because “she had too many people she loves who are homosexuals.”,  “She is taking a very good path. How many people do you think she would reach if she started bashing homosexuality”,  “Pointing out sin” is for the saved. We don’t hold the world of unsaved people to a standard of relationship with Jesus. He isn’t their Lord and savior. Correction comes in relationship with people first.”, “Correction is for Christians, the correct response to non Christians is LOVE”.

There are few options for interpretation for Dagle’s statement. Either Daigle does know what the Bible says about homosexuality, and she lied, essentially thereby denying Christ, or she is Biblically ignorant on the matter (which I doubt).  However, either one of those situations is a problem.  I can’t see any other way to look at it. In either case, in days gone by Daigle would have been made to explain herself.  Today, the wave of press she is receiving will only sell her more records.  I suspect that the influx of revenue she will receive from this will help her complete her cross-over to secular music where the really big money is.

Is homosexuality a sin?
Yes, homosexuality is a sin.  However so is obesity, adultery, and a host of other sins that most Christians have no problem overlooking as logs in their own eyes.  For the record let me be clear: at this point, the question is not “is homosexuality a sin”.  Now, the issue is Daigle’s response to that question.

The Daigle solution
The Biblical solution to this issue with Lauren Daigle is simple. Until she learns what the Bible has to say on basic issues, and / or she is willing to uphold Biblical principles, she should be addressed as she is; someone not mature enough to be held in the high regard that she has been.  By no means am I saying that she should just be thrown to the curb:  She shouldn’t.  However, hundreds of thousands, who don’t know any better, look to her for inspiration when they shouldn’t be.  Her Pastor or some other spiritual leader should sit her down and help her understand the situation.

The Bigger Picture
However, the situation with Daigle needs to be viewed from a larger perspective.  Lauren Daigle is simply a symptom to a larger issue.  Her luke-warm response and those who support it exemplify a “church” that has lost its salt and will be thrown out and trodden underfoot by men.”

There is a storm developing; a big storm.  It is predicted in the Bible and it will be the final showdown between good and evil, right and wrong, God and satan.  I have visited it in a futuristic experience God took me to.  Many other great men of God such as David Wilkerson, Steve Hill, Kenneth Hagin, Smith Wigglesworth and more recently Mario Murillo, have seen it and/ or predicted it as well.  It will be filled with great acts of evil, devastation, and great acts of God, as He works both on His own and through the few who are wholly committed to Him.  Everyone else will be a casualty as will possibly even some of the most dedicated servants of Yeshua.

It is in this great storm that the last revival will surface.  However, it will be a revival that is different from anything we have ever seen before.  It will be outside the walls of the recognized, institutional, traditional “church”.  It will be met with great resistance by the religious sect and others.

Five things you can do to prepare for the looming conflict
How can you prepare for this great showdown?
1) Do whatever it takes to get to know Jesus / Yeshua in a deeper way then you ever thought possible.  Press into Him without reservation, regardless of the cost.

2) Have the Scripture in your heart to draw upon when needed.  You may not have a Bible with you.

3) Learn the ways of the adversary and how to defeat him and his minions.

4) Learn how to take care of yourself with basic life skills such as what to eat, how to start a fire, how to keep warm, how to stay cool, how to find drinking water, first aid, personal protection, et cetra.  These things were second nature to those who have gone before us but have been lost in our modern, American culture.

5) Pursue all of these things and in the process, discuss them with others that you care about.

Each one of these disciplines are lifetime endeavors in their own right.  Do not become anxious in them.  Learn to lean on God and trust in Him. Without Him it really doesn’t matter what else you do.

Be blessed in Yeshua

Dr. Rayphe


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