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Remnant Briefing 12-2-19

  • Be aware of what the adversary is doing, but focus on what God is doing!
  • Web site updates and other related information
  • The U. S House of Representatives Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold their first impeachment hearing on December 4th. This impeachment literally began the very same very night that President Trump was elected in 2016. The gods of this world are very extremely conniving, extremely scheming.
  • President Putin even has at least some idea of right and wrong. He says that Wikipedia is unreliable and so Russia is creating their own online encyclopedia.
  • A murderous attack by a muslim with a couple of large knives left two dead and at least three severely wounded on London Bridge in England. The assailant was subdued by unarmed bystanders and then shot and killed by police. Dr. Rayphe addressed personal protection as it relates to that incident.
  • Dumitru Duduman’s prophecy is continuing to take shape as Russia and China continue to forge a partnership. They are now creating a natural gas pipeline between Siberia and North-Eastern China.
  • The Philippines are bracing for a typhoon. Dr. Rayphe addresses changing weather patterns, weather manipulation, weather phenomena, from a Biblical perspective, and how it all relates to you.
  • Border control, more cartel murders South of the border and related issues that you and I need to consider where you live.
  • In a time of plenty, traffic was backed up for 20 miles with California’s returning home from Las Vegas. Dr. Rayphe addresses how these issues could manifest in case of National emergency and a few things you should consider you can do to help yourself.
  • An Australian lecture by the name of Timothy Weeks spent more than three years locked up as a hostage of the Taliban; sometimes in dark underground enclosures. Much of that time he was in a dark or in various dark underground enclosures. He disclosed recently that American Special Forces launched six unsuccessful rescue attempts to free him. He said that his captors were “lovely people”….
  • Imprecatory prayer Psalm 35

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