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Remnant Briefing 1-29-20: Stop the “church” meeting for a crying child

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Foundations are being shaken, ancient prophecies are coming to pass, and what you see happening in America, and around the world, is a manifestation of what is occurring spiritually.

The remnant Briefing is here to help prepare the Remnant of God to represent, glorify and honor Him both today and in the days ahead.

This is the purpose that God is calling forth His Remnant in these days

Religion is a broken institution

Last sunday the pastor of “United Church” in Tennessee was preaching a sermon when he suddenly stopped because a child was making noise. He then asked his ushers to help the parent remove the child from the meeting.

For this, the Pastor is facing significant criticism.

This video speaks for itselfMy daughter and her friend walked out of United Church in Gallatin today after she was pointed out and embarrassed in front of a congregation. The baby in question was 15 months old and just made a peep. Was not crying. As you can see for yourself in this video. How can this pastor call himself a man of God and treat a member of your congregation that way and dont care if anyone is offended. I don't know what is worse, the embarrassing of a member or the fact he did not care if he offended anyone. So sad in a society where we need to bring our young people to God and they are chased off because they have a young child. I'm sorry, but kids make some noise, And this wasn't a noise that was distracting. Now, if she was crying, I can see a problem. My daughter was pretty upset and disappointed because she was looking for a church and found this one to be of her liking. Sadly enough, she is back on her quest to find a church that she can feel at home in and raise her baby with the word of God.

Posted by Lori Kathrine Alger on Sunday, January 19, 2020

According to Ponder Anew, the Pastor stopped his sermon after the 15-month-old made some noise.

The pastor said “Hey ushers, can you please show them where the nursery is?” he said. “I don’t want to struggle with a child the whole time, so please help me out.” You can hear it on the video.

Seeing that many several people were unhappy about what had transpired, shortly after resuming the sermon the Pastor stopped to address the situation.

“Okay, let me stop. Just because I just did that, everybody’s freakin’ out because I just said that, listen. We love children. And you … sweetie, look at me … we love kids, but if a child is gonna affect the whole service because the child’s cranky or whatever, we do have TVs that are right there in the back, so that’s cool,” he said.

The pastor insisted that he didn’t want to “affect the other people in the room” because the baby was crying.

“Listen, I love children. But see, everyone’s focus is right there right now. And sweetheart, as long as she’s fine you stand there and do your thing. But I need you to understand, somebody else got up and walked out. That’s OK. I’m not gonna affect 300 people because of a crying child. That’s why we have TVs in the outside, that’s why we have a nursery. If you get offended over that, I’m sorry, I really am sorry, but we’re not gonna do that. And I know I sound like a jerk right now, but we’re not gonna affect 300 people because of that. Let me try to get back in the mode of where I was.”

I very much doubt that the pastor intended to offend anyone. I would go so far as to say that his motive may very well have been to help prevent the audience from being distracted:

It is really important to remember that he is trying to operate in a broken system that has been proven to not work. People have been leaving large, program based churches for decades for reasons just like this.

It would kind of be like someone asking what public school they should take their children to. The correct question is not what school they should take their children to but rather if the child should be attending public school at all.

America’s institutional, mainstream religion is a broke system. It never did work correctly. I believe that this Pastor was probably doing his best to function in a system that is broke.

In the Bible, the Jews met in synagogues. Yeshua went there to try to break through the religious system and some of the disciples went there to hear the Torah: But the synagogues were not God’s design.

The true people of God never met together in large, commercial type buildings. Yes, there were the Temples but they were utilized for specific purposes. Considering that the population of Israel was several million, the Tabernacle and Temples could only house a very minute percentage of the people at any one time.

Take a look at the name of the church that this event occurred: “”UNITED” Church…..”

It reminds of a family man that attended our fellowship some years ago. We were talking about this issue and he said something like “yeah, I noticed that when we went to that church on “family night” there was someone there to greet us. As we walked in the door, they split us all up. The men went one place, the women went another, and the children went another.”

All through the Bible, we see the people of God meeting in tents, homes and wherever God would lead.

Weekly, large, and impersonal meetings in large commercial buildings are a product of religion. There may be exceptions, and I am definitely not saying that meetings in large buildings are always wrong: But as a rule, history has recorded that large, weekly, impersonal meetings in large commercial buildings are ineffectual in accomplishing what the Gospel is intended to do.

One person standing and lecturing for 20 minutes a week, with little or no interaction with people, is difficult to find in the Bible among God’s people.

Generally speaking, the Bible records that small fellowships have always been what God has used to reach His people.

There are a growing number of resources on this web site to help you. There are several other opportunities as well. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Parson Rayphe
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