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Root Causes that need healing

Where the spirit and soul meet the body

Bible based Christian health and inner healing coach for wholeness and wellness in Idaho

Root causes as related to physical healing
Most physicians and patients alike restrict the healing process to the physical realm however that is a grave mistake.

Most Illness Originates in Your Emotions
Not every illness or disease is the result of emotional distress. However even secular statistics tell us that 50 – 80% of all physical illness originates in the emotions (soul).

Accordingly, secular medical doctors are decidedly disadvantaged. Even if secular medical physicians are aware that illness is usually associated with thoughts and emotions (soul), few are aware of the profound influence that a sick spirit or soul has on the body.

Spiritual issues have been directly linked to physical illness. In this arena secular physicians can treat the physical symptoms but they ignore the root source of the problem. The root cause of the sickness or disease is then often left unattended causing the sickness or disease to return at a later date.

Because they lack this understanding, and the power of God, secular physicians will often hastily resort to drastic physical measures including utilizing procedures, radiation and synthetic chemicals that are foreign, and even adverse, to the body and soul. Even then, often only the symptoms are addressed rather than the actual healing of the underlying root problem.

Understanding Root Causes Helps You To Work Toward a Healthy Body
Every situation is different. However even if a naturopathic approach is taken (yet fails to address the spirit and soul from a Biblical perspective) it can still neglect the root cause of the issue, even if the symptoms are relieved. This has the potential of leaving the root cause of the problem behind, allowing it to resurface causing more dis-ease.

How a prophetic Healing Coach with discernment can help you.

Not every issue is intricately related to another. However much of our life is dramatically affected by another part and often the connection between the spirit, soul (mind) and body isn’t obvious. This is where holistic coaching in combination with spiritual (prophetic) insight and discernment can be very helpful.

For example there was the person who had developed migraine headaches and other physical symptoms. They had a college degree that was very stressful for them to obtain. When the diploma was removed from the bedroom wall the migraines and other symptoms ceased immediately. A ballanced program helped them regain the good health that the years of migraine headaches had stolen.

Then there was the person who, at age 50, began suffering from depression for no known reason. Healing ministry revealed that they were experiencing suppressed childhood memories from severe abuse. A consistent lifestyle change helped to support their body while they were working through the stress of their inner healing.

An overachiever in his 50’s had obsessive work habits that were destroying his family and personal life. He didn’t realize that something an 8-year-old play-mate told him on the play ground had negatively effected him all of his life.

A 50-year-old man was experiencing internal bleeding and other symptoms. Walking only short distances caused him to be out of breath. With holistic healing,  spiritual insight, and lifestyle changes, over time the symptoms disappeared.

Results vary and as stated above, not EVERY condition is intimately related to another; but many are.

We are all intricately made with each part designed to work in harmony with every other part. When one part is out of balance it often influences other parts of the spirit, soul, or body. I work with you, co-laboring to resolve the current challenges while determining the root cause(s) in order to prevent reoccurrence.

On-line Community
Our online community (The Realm) offers several ways to help you reach your healing goals including daily encouragement, courses, others who are like-minded, peer support, Fellowship and Support groups, and more.

Some of the things we may be able to help with include inner healing, physical Healing, Health Issues, life decisions, and the transitions of life.

Internet, on-line, phone, seminars, support groups, and in-office appointments are available. Click here for an appointment or a free for an introductory 15-minute consultation

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Dr. Rayphe

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