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riding with Jesus / Yeshua is an exciting adventure. He will take you places that you never thought you would go.

Saddle up your horse and ride with the Messiah!

There is a sound that I hope I never forget.

It is a very subtle noise that is undiscernable to most. In fact, it is so very subtle that I am certain that VERY few ever pay any attention to it.

Still, it has always really impacted me. I hope that it is always as vivid in my memory as it is now; or preferably even more-so. It is a sound that I can’t explain or describe. I don’t know of anything else like it in the world. It’s a sound that relatively few ever hear any more. It’s not a loud sound but that isn’t why people don’t hear it. They don’t hear it because they don’t listen for it and besides, it’s growing more and more extinct with each passing day. It is ever-present to those around it yet goes completely unnoticed by almost everyone.

Have you figured it out yet? The picture up at the top gives a clue but still, few would ever guess what the sound I am referring to is. Even if they have been around it, few seem to give it any thought.

Horses hooves? Nope. That’s not it. The sound of horses hooves can be duplicated pretty easily. Nothing I know of comes close to duplicating this sound.

The sound that I am referring to is the sound that a saddle makes as it is being lifted and then lowered onto the back of a horse: It creaks.

Even with a stack of leather, I don’t think you can duplicate the sound. The only thing in the world, that I know of, that sounds like a horse being saddled is a horse being saddled. Lots of saddles creak as you are riding on it and that, of course, comes very close. But I don’t think the sound of a saddle being placed on a horse can be duplicated.

When being placed on a horse, the sound of the leather rubbing together as it interacts with the saddle’s support (called the “tree”) makes a very specific noise. That noise alone is very distinguishable to me. However, when you combine that sound with the sound of the stirrups as they are moving around and perhaps the subtle sound of a horse moving its hooves as it braces for what is coming or the occasional whinny, sigh, growl, or nicker, the sound of a saddle being placed on a horse is very special to me. When you add to that all of the other senses that are involved, to me, I almost enjoy saddling a horse more than I enjoy riding one.

Obviously, in order to saddle a horse, you have to be close to it. If you are close enough to saddle a horse then you are close enough to smell it. Horses have a particular smell to them that again, I hope never grows dull to me and of course there is the handling of the horse and the equipment. So as you see, when saddling a horse; touching, smelling and hearing the horse, saddle, tack, and other equipment, it all becomes an experience like no other.

There are many reasons that I enjoy and appreciate the creaking of a saddle so much. One of the reasons is you have to actually do it in order to hear it. I know that may sound a bit silly but most of us have watched Western movies. Have you ever heard a saddle creak in a movie? Probably not. In order to hear a saddle creak, you have to be within arm’s length. In order to be within arm’s length, you have to be where the action is…. adventure.

Along with what I have already mentioned, which is enough, for me, the creaking of a saddle is also accompanied by the anticipation of the ride. Exactly where will you go and what will happen? Will you see anyone else? Will you see any other animals? And of course, there is the well-known sound of horses hooves that will again grace the air.

There is something about the creaking of a saddle that really speaks to me. But when you add all of these other elements, it becomes clear that the sound of a saddle is a special sound.

You may have heard the saying “saddle up”. It means to get ready, let’s go. Obviously, that saying originates from when saddling up really meant that…. get the horses ready and let’s go. Today it might mean “get in the car”.

So “saddling up” is all about action; “doing the stuff” as well known Christian forerunner John Wimber used to say.

“Doing the stuff.” That’s where I want to be… “doing the stuff”. Where do you want to be?

Doing the stuff? Hearing the creak of the saddle? Or are you content with being out of the action?

…. I will saddle me a donkey, that I may ride thereon, and go with the king;
2 Samuel 19:26

Hearing the creaking of a saddle has always been very special to me. I have never taken it for granted.

If you want to go on “the ride of your life“, saddle up and ride with Yeshua. He will take you places you never dreamed possible.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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