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What will happen in America and the future? God's judgment, United States

Daily Encouragement – “See America unravel”

It has now been several years since God told me “You will see America unravel”.

It was difficult to visualize back then. Sure there were problems, everyone knew that; but it was difficult to envision America completely “unraveling”.

When He said that I thought of a knitted sweater with a loose thread that became caught on something causing a significant portion of the sweater to disappear.

Today, as I watch America “unravel” before my eyes, I hearken back to those words that God told me years ago: “You will see America unravel”.

I still don’t believe it is too late
However, even now, I don’t believe that it is too late for America. If all of the “Godfearing” people in America were to rise up tomorrow and take a stand for righteousness in a Godly way, I do believe that God would preserve America.

However, since that probably won’t happen, the words that God spoke to me years ago will come to pass, much to His extreme anguish.

He created America and it is very unsettling to Him that people who have confessed Him as “God” have been so complacent.

No “hope”?
There is an American Pastor who has done a great deal to preserve what God has given America. He is well studied and has many followers.

I read his articles and often learn from them. Out of respect for his tireless efforts of standing for what he has felt was right, I will not mention his name here.

The reason I am even referencing him is that even though much of the information he produces is informative, it is almost always negative. Relative to all that he mentions that is bad, he usually offers very little hope.

I don’t necessarily mean hope for America, although I think that would have been beneficial, I am primarily referring to hope in an all-powerful God.

The Biblical definition for “hope” is different than what the American culture thinks of when someone mentions the word “hope”. Culturally speaking you could interchange the word “hope” for “wish”.

Example: I wish that problem would go away; I hope that problem goes away.

However, a good, working, Biblical definition for the word “hope” is “confident assurance”. Biblically when something is “hoped” for you can have “confident assurance” that it will come to pass.

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Saviour, and Lord Yeshua Messiah, which is our HOPE;

1 Timothy 1:1

Those of us who are in covenant with Yeshua Messiah, have GREAT hope. We have a hope that can not be moved unless we ourselves move it.

Things are going to continue to deteriorate in America. There will be many who succumb do to lack of food, medication, violence and many other reasons not the least of which is lack of hope.

Hope in Yeshua
However, it doesn’t need to be that way for you. Place your hope in Yeshua; not America. If you know me, you know that I have great affection for America. However, it is critical that we remember that America is not our God. Rather America was created for the purpose of serving Yeshua and GLORIFYING God.

President Trump is not our savior. God wanted America to serve and represent Him throughout the world but God does not need America. Yahweh God is looking for dedicated men, and women, who will represent Him in love and grace in the days ahead: People who will manifest His power and authority even when it appears impossible to do so.

God is raising the remnant
Today God is looking for men like Elijah, David, Peter and John. He is looking for women like Deborah, Lydia, and Rahab. He is raising a remnant who will boldly represent Him in these days.

The America we know will cease to exist. However, while the Illuminati believe that they will control the future, they will not. Out of the ashes of the tumult will arise a people who will represent the One True God and will “turn the world upside down” with signs, wonders, miracles, and most of all, the love of God. Nothing will be able to stop it. They will try; but they will fail.

There is GREAT hope in Yeshua
So while the road ahead will be very tumultuous, there is a lot of reason for GREAT “hope” because the plans and purposes of Yahweh God WILL come to fruition.

Noah Hutchins, A faithful man of God who has gone on to be with Him, opened His radio program for forty years by saying that “God is still on the throne”. I used to really enjoy hearing Him say that. It is true. God IS still on the throne and regardless of what happens in or with America, God will remain on the throne.

If you would like to be confident in your relationship with Yeshua, here is one place you can start. Feel free to contact us for more.

If you have surrendered every area of your life to the Most High, and you are faithfully serving Him to the best of your ability, then you have an amazing future ahead of you. You can be assured of that!

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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