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One word that describes you is _______________

If you were to be known or remembered by only one word, what would it be?

Happy? Giving? Forgiving? Sad? Depressed? Late? Grumpy? Conscientious? Passionate? Apathetic? Energetic? Lazy? Purposeful?

Some in the Bible are not well known
In the Bible, there are several people mentioned that we know little about.

One such person is one of Yeshua’s disciples: His name is Simon. When you hear the name Simon you will most certainly remember the beloved Simon that everyone knows: Simon Peter. However, I am referring to a different Simon. I am referring to “Simon the Zealot”: An Apostle of Yeshua.

Simon the Zealot
Simon the Zealot. Those words are all that we know about this Simon. His name was Simon; Simon the Zealot. He is referenced only four times. (Matthew 10:4, Mark 3:18Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13)

If you could be known and remembered by only one word, other than your name, what would it be? For Simon, as long as the earth remains, this hand-picked child of God will be forever known as a “Zealot”.

What does Simon the “Zealot” mean?
So what does it mean? As we know, Simon the Zealot lived approximately 2,000 years ago and so precise records can be hard to come by.

However, the prevailing thought is that before Simon the Zealot became an Apostle of Yeshua, He was a part of a Jewish movement referred to as the “Zealots”.

The Zealots were determined to free the Jewish people from Roman dominion.

However, there is some question as to whether or not Simon could have been a member of that movement. The other possibility is that Simon was named Simon the Zealot because He was Zealous for Yeshua.

Apostle Simon
Once Simon connected with Yeshua He seems to have been a faithful servant that lived up to His description. Tradition has it that, after Yeshua’s ascension, Simon the Zealot traveled extensively representing Yeshua. Again, precise records are scant but there are indications that, before being martyred, Simon the Zealot was as far North as Britain and as far South as modern-day Iraq. That’s a whole lot of distance for a man to travel in a relatively short time with no modern transportation.

Whatever it all means, Simon was a Zealot
So it seems that no matter how you figure it, Simon was Zealous. Whatever Simon did He did with Zeal: Simon the Zealot.

Simon was known as being zealous. What are you known for? How will you be remembered?

Zealous for Yeshua.
Whatever else Simon was zealous for, he was zealous for Yeshua. When people think of me that’s how what I would want them to thnk: That’s how I want to be remembered.

Be zealous therefore, and repent.

Revelation 3:19b 

When Yeshua says that my race is done I want Heaven to rejoice that one of the mighty ones that were so faithful and accomplished so much, in Yeshua, has been called home to even MORE glory…. HalleluYah!!!!

How about you?

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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