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God is calling a Remnant to represent Him in the end times.

God is calling forth a Remnant…

It is a great blessing to be chosen of God. Of course, it is His desire that NONE would perish, but what a blessing it is to be chosen to represent Him in these days.

Choosing to be blind
The Bible speaks of a blindness that is brought on by willful choices to deny God. It would be sort of like leaving a part of a car that was metal out in the elements for several years and then one day you go to use it and find that it is just too far gone, deteriorated.

In a similar way, people can stay out in the elements, unprotected and disregarding what He has to say for so long that they deteriorate to a place that it is difficult for them to be restored.

It is NEVER too late, but a person can be soo far gone that they think that it’s too late.

Here is what God told the Prophet, Isaiah:
“Go and tell the people:
    ‘You keep listening but understand nothing.
    You keep watching but learn nothing.’
Go and preach a message that will make their hearts dull,
    their ears plugged, and their eyes blind.
    Otherwise, their eyes will begin to see,
    their ears will begin to hear,
    their hearts will begin to understand,
    and they will return to me for healing and be healed.”
Then I asked, “O Lord, for how long?”
    He answered,
    “Until their houses and cities are destroyed and uninhabited
    and their land a desolate wasteland.
Until the Lord has exiled them all to a distant country
    and the entire land lies deserted.”
Yet if even a tenth remains there,
    it will be burned again.
    It will be like a fallen oak or terebinth tree when it is felled;
    the stump still lives to grow again.
    Now, the “stump” is the holy seed.
Isaiah 6:9-13 TPT

God rejected
God, Creator of all and by whom all things consist, created man with a free will to love, fellowship and serve Him or not. Unfortunately, we all know that man made the wrong choice. It began with “Adam and Eve” but unfortunately it didn’t end with them.

Noah was the only righteous in His generation, Elijah thought that he was the only one left, the Prophets were constantly fighting it, and even Yeshua sobbed over Israel because they had rejected Him.

Romans 10:21-11:3 Speaks of the same types of issues.

21 Yet regarding Israel Isaiah says:
“With love I have held out my hands day after day,
    offering myself to this unbelieving
    and stubborn people!”

Did God reject His people?
So then I ask you this question: did God really push aside and reject his people?  Absolutely not! For I myself am a Jew, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin.   God has not rejected his chosen, destined people! Haven’t you heard Elijah’s testimony in the Scriptures, and how he prays to God, agonizing over Israel?Lord, they’ve murdered your prophets; they’ve demolished your altars. Now I’m the only one left and they want to kill me!”

However, when we move farther into Romans 11:4 Apostle Paul says that:

But what was the revelation God spoke to him in response?“
You are not alone. For I have preserved a remnant for myself— seven thousand others who are faithful and have refused to worship Baal.”

In verse 5 Apostle Paul goes on to say that this is but one example of what God is doing in this “age of fulfillment”.

Prophecy fulfilled
The “age of fulfillment that Apostle Paul was referring to is now. Now is the time that God is moving upon His people to prepare for the return of the Messiah.

Now is the time to prepare for what lies ahead. While I am not saying that the return of Yeshua is imminent, I am saying that America, and even the world is in the throw of birth pangs that are going to release turmoil on America in a way that America has never seen before and in a way by which most will be overwhelmed.

God is calling forth a remnant at this time to represent Him in these days. It is an exciting time to be alive as one of the chosen of the Most High God. “Fear not, for I am with you”…

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe

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