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Being Co-crucified And Co-alive In Yeshua Is What Tabernacles & The 8th Day Is All About.

Being Co-crucified and Co-alive in Yeshua is what Tabernacles & the 8th Day is all about.

Gal. 2:20 is a verse that many have considered over the years it speaks of being “crucified with Christ”. Many accept that verse at face value which I suppose is good but is it true?

Yeshua’s sacrifice only applies to what is released to Him. The MIR translation says that I have been co-crucified with Yeshua and therefor I co-live with Him. If we could only embrace these concepts in their intended fullness our lives would be forever dramatically changed.

On this last day of Sukkot Parson Rayphe concludes today addressing the heart of Tabernacles as it relates to Tabernacles , Gal. 2:20, other Scriptures, and the “Eighth Day”

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