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The ‘Prissy Prostitutes Of The Press’ Are Promoting Racism, Rebellion And Revolution – The Democratic Party, Mainstream Media, Antifa And BLM Are An ‘Extortion Ring Crime Syndicate’

Only one example is sufficient to support the above—the Michael Brown shooting. The media continues to dishonestly portray Michael as a victim who was surrendering to police with his hands upheld and saying, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That did not…

How to survive the End Times Remnant News: Christian counselor for trauma and inner healing; and coaching, online community fellowship

Remnant Briefing 12-23-19

During this program, I experienced a computer failure in the studio. Because of that, there was approximately 10 minutes of non-related content edited out of the middle of this program. You will hear a reference to that event appx. 15…

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