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The best time in the world to be alive

In my previous existence, I listened to country-western music. The old stuff isn’t even a distant cousin to what people think is country music today. The gene pool has been corrupted and it is an entirely different race of beings now.

Even back then most of the songs were very unrighteous though. I am so glad. and thankful, that I no longer fill my life with the constant death that many of those songs proclaimed.

Meaning for life
However, there were some pretty cool songs back then.

One really good one had this phrase in it: ” I was raised on country sunshine I’m happy with the simple things”. I think, in part, those songs helped shape me.

“I can’t get no… satisfaction”
Even though I am happy with the simple things, I know that as I involved myself with various things, God blessed me and I was capable.

Along with several years of ministry, I have led climbs up tall, glacier-covered mountains, I have successfully negotiated and executed some very high dollar business contracts, and through the military, police, and other things, I have been involved in some pretty intense things.

All of that, along with a couple of bucks or so, will get you a cup of coffee.

What matters
Still, I feel very blessed to be able to claim the words in that song:

“I was raised on country sunshine I’m happy with the simple things”

I have very fond memories of “cool mountain mornings”. I have been told, and I have very willingly affirmed that I was born about a hundred years too late.

However, today, I am glad to report that I no longer claim that. I am still invigorated by clear mountain mornings, and I still appreciate country sunshine, but I am thankful that God has chosen me to live in these days.

Living for today
I am thankful and honored that He has chosen me to represent Him at a time that will pale every other period of history.

I have heard it said that the original Apostles were jealous that they were not chosen to live in these days.

Excited for the days ahead
You may be positioned to witness, and perhaps even participate in events that will shake most of the world to the core and raise many to heights that are unimaginable by all but a few.

Today I encourage you to not miss out. Take advantage of this opportunity that God has given you… “Ride the wave”!

Preparing for the days ahead
A prerequisite to experiencing these things will be your willingness to be accessed by the Spirit of God.

It’s like having access to a high-security military installation: You can only enter after proceeding through various security checks: But once you’re in, you have access to something more dynamic than you could even imagine.

God is saying “Now is the time”. “The time is now to go forth in My power and authority.

The days ahead will be challenging. However, for those who embrace the Spirit of God, are led by Him, and step out in faith, where sin abounds grace will abound much more.

Those who step out in faith will do mighty exploits but only as they are led by Holy Spirit.

“Through it all, this joyful assurance of the realm of Heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed… “

Matthew 24:14

It’s the best time to be alive!

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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