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The economy + food shortages + vaccinations = challenges

No nation’s economy has ever recovered from  a debt to GDP ratio of 90%. Thanks to the 2009 bailouts, the credit swap derivatives ponzi schemes and the Great Lockdown of 2020, followed by the stimulus money, the new debt to GDP ratio is 115%. America is done; All that is left is for the debt and the value of the currency to completely unravel.

Have you noticed spot shortages in food, particularly meat? Have you noticed shrinkflation is here? Packaging is getting smaller to hide the food inflation being caused by a contrived shortage. This is a planned and contrived shortage. When COVID-19 hit, most of the meat packing plants closed. This was a false flag event. The National Guard could have been brought in, in hazmat suits if need be, and kept the plants running. Instead, farmers were forced to kill millions of cattle and chickens and the shortages occurred.

The supply chain is in chaos, bad weather has destroyed millions of farm acreage in America and nobody is paying attention.

Any Bill Gates vaccine brings misery and potentially death. Before you make the easy choice and give in and take a vaccine, you may wish to consider the long-term consequences.


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