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Theft: The most committed crime in the U.S.A.

According to statistics obtained from the FBI, A property crime is reported about every three seconds, making it the most reported crime in the United States,

Is losing something now and then worth the hassle?
While someone may not be too worried about losing something now and then, there are several reasons to be concerned about property crime.

Why be concerned about property crime?

  • There are many items that can be stolen and then used to commit other crimes such as tools, firearms, identification, and personal information, etc.
  • Personal safety i.e. leaving ladders or tools outside your residence that could be used to access a window, firearms in the vehicle, etc.
  • Good Stewardship principles instruct us to take reasonable care of what God has provided us.
  • Replacing stolen property can be expensive, and sometimes even impossible.
  • There is a time coming when replacing what you now have will simply be impossible.

Here are some tips to help you prevent your possessions from being stolen.

  • Keep the garage door, sheds, etc. secured as best you can.
  • Keep the vehicle locked and everything secured in the vehicle
  • Be thoughtful and cautious regarding any visitors that are on your property
  • Refrain from sharing personal information, particularly your location, schedule, work hours, etc. on social media. You might be surprised how much of this is shared on the internet in places for all to see.
  • Vary your routine. People are watching you. They probably won’t admit it and they may not even be purposely watching you but they generally know when you are home and when your not, when the kids get home from school, when your bowling night is, etc. So it may be difficult but do the best you can to vary your routine.
  • To avoid having your mail stolen and personal information lost that way, have your mail delivered to a P.O. Box or directly inside your home.
  • Fence your residential lot and keep everything picked up.

Obviously these are just some lifestyle suggestions and they only skim the surface. Entire books are written on subjects such as padlocks, door locks, security doors, identity theft, vehicle theft, vehicle alarms, house alarms, lighting, commercial theft, etc., etc., etc.

Dr. Rayphe
Dr. Rayphe was has been a student of Personal protection, home security, and various aspects of crime prevention for many years. His years of being in military police, a police officer, Pastoring and counseling ministry has provided him with a broader and deeper perspective to these issues. As a Bible-based instructor / Coach part of Dr. Rayphe’s ministry is helping God’s people to be prepared.

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