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vimea for christians homosexuality controvercial subjects

Vimeo shuts down religious group’s messages


vimea for christians homosexuality controvercial subjectsVimeo used to be a good alternative to YouTube for Christian video producers.

“It is described as a web platform that allows users to create accounts for hosting, sharing and streaming videos.

Unless the videos are not politically correct.

That’s according to Church United, a non-profit in Newport Beach, California, whose Vimeo page was abruptly shut down because some content dealt with the issue of counseling people who want to overcome same-sex inclinations.

“Conversion therapy” has been banned in California, 13 other states and the District of Columbia. California came close recently to classifying it as consumer fraud.

Church United said in a Facebook post that its founder, Jim Domen, received an email from Vimeo stating his organization had only 24 hours to download its videos, because the account was being closed permanently.”


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