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It Is Prudent To Take The Threats Seriously And Prepare Accordingly

While ANP has documented the violence of the group Antifa, as well as violent members of BLM, with Stefan Stanford recently detailing the real dangers of the groups and the damage they are already causing here in America, we are noting that liberals not part of those groups (while still supportive of them) are also becoming more out of control. 

With some apparently suffering some type of collective meltdown, and we take a look at what these people will do should Trump be reelected.

The people I am talking about here are liberals across social media, and offline at home, not activists, they don’t join protests (yet!). Generally they have been mouthing off at Republicans online, harassing and attacking Trump supporters, basically talking big.

I refer to them as liberals that talk big but rarely act, but over the past few weeks, they have seemingly become more unhinged, the level of which increasing each day as we approach the November 3, 2020 presidential election.


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