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Why don't things ever go right? Why do things always go wrong? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why does this keep happening to me? When there is no hope…

Beginning about as far back as I can remember, for much of my life I was the recipient of some of the strangest circumstances.

For example, when I was just 16 I had been experiencing a rash of what I thought to be very odd experiences.

On one particular day, I wasn’t mad at anyone and I don’t remember having any life-altering decisions to make. I just felt tired of dealing with these bazaar situations that kept plaguing me and I felt like I needed a little alone time.

So, feeling that I needed a break from life, I drove my old truck to a large mall. I didn’t want to shop I just wanted to be alone for a bit. I drove past that mall almost every day so I knew that it had a huge parking lot that was almost always empty out in the hinterlands. So I purposely parked out in the area where no cars ever parked.

After a while another car parked out there. Sometimes people are pretty protective of their cars and they just don’t want to park next to others and so, although I thought it a bit unusual, I didn’t think a whole lot about it. The car parked right in front of me but still quite some distance away from where I was.

Soon afterward a young woman also parked her car in the area. She looked like a nice person but she was driving an older vehicle. It wasn’t a beater but it wasn’t pristine either. It just looked like a big old car that had set outside most of its life.

Anyway, the young woman walked briskly into the store and, after just a short time, I saw her walking back to her car. She sat in the driver’s seat, started the car and promptly proceeded to drive into that other one and only other car that was within several hundred feet from her (other than myself). Although this occurred some distance away, it happened directly in front of me.

Just as soon as she hit the empty parked car she looked over to see if I saw what had happened.

It was really kind of a phenomenal thing to watch. I mean, this parking lot was so big, and my truck and those two cars were so far away from the others, that it would be like having a large parking lot all to yourself.

I am still shaking my head even as I am writing this. I mean, remember why I was even there. Just as a reminder, this is what I said above:

At this particular moment, I wasn’t mad at anyone and I don’t remember having any life-altering decision to make. I just felt tired of dealing with these bazaar situations that kept plaguing me and I felt like I needed a little alone time…

So after the young woman driver hit the only other car in the vicinity, right in front of me, in broad daylight, on a clear day, I sort of felt like I was in the twilight zone.

So, just imagine, if you can, what I thought when, after hitting the parked car, that young woman drove over to me and begged me to not say anything to anyone because of this, that and the other thing “going on in her life right now…!”

I thought to myself… gee whiz! I can’t even come out here in the middle of nowhere, sit in my truck and mind my own business without trouble following me around….

At the time it was quite bewildering to me. I thought “how can something happen like that”? How can I come out here to just sit for a while and have this happen? I have GOT to be the only one who experiences these kinds of things!

It wasn’t until much later that I would come to know that these odd dealings and situations were not some twist of fate orchestrated by the aligning of the cosmos; but rather they were the result of the dark side manipulating my destiny.

Today I know the answers to these questions but these answers didn’t come without a lot, a lot of hard knocks and soul searching.

Eventually, I learned that I was not the only one that these peculiar things happened to and many years later I learned why these things happen to seemingly innocent people.

Why do these kinds of things happen to you? Because the adversary of your soul purposes to destroy you. He wants your spiritual, mental and physical health, your wealth, your family and your destiny. He wants to destroy whatever part of your life that he can. If he can steal and destroy part of it he will. If he can take it all, that’s even better. He wants to destroy everything He can.

There are many reasons that the satan might have your number (so to speak). The devil always wants to distract people from the destiny that God has waiting for them.

Unforgiveness, family curses, lack of knowledge, lack of vision, lack of identity of who they are in Messiah, lack of love for themselves or others, religion, distractions, etc. can all be reasons why you are not living the ultimate life that both you and God would like you to live.

There are many reasons that a person might be plagued with these kinds of seemingly peculiar situations.

So if you find that these kinds of strange things happen to you, know that there is a reason for them. It’s not just the “luck of the draw”.

Most of all, know that there are answers. Many times it is hard for us to see the forest through the trees but rest assured that the forest is there and so is the axeman who can clear away the debris fro you.

Yeshua is in the business of breaking away the weights, chains, and debris that is holding you back. He can help you. Often times, most times, He works through others to help but know that He is more eager for you to walk in your God-given destiny than even you are.

It doesn’t just happen, but if you purpose to align with Him, and follow His ways, He will show you the way to freedom.

If I can be of assistance in the process please feel free to contact me.

Blessings in Yeshua
Parson Rayphe
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