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Zach Williams Christian radio and podcast

Zach Williams Christian Recording Artist: The real thing. Kingdom Realm Radio

I appreciate everyone who shares the Gospel. However, you can almost always tell when someone has really wallowed in the muck and mire.

Wallowing is bad. However, when you are down low, you really appreciate, even more, being lifted up.

Zack Williams is one of our artists here on God’s Kingdom Realm Radio and he is one of those who is thankful to God for what He has done for Him. He really sings some great songs

Prior to the success of 2017 breakout hit “Chain Breaker”, the Grammy Award-winning artist spent the better part of two decades toiling in musical obscurity.  Real and honest in his failings, Williams had a “come to Jesus” moment in 2012 that completely altered and shifted his life.  Through God’s abundant grace, He had found his true calling.

Williams remembers those troubled days well.  So much so, that his latest album Rescue Story serves as a reflection of where his life was 20 years ago to now. He hopes his story will speak to the hearts of those who are struggling to get through each day.

I recently spoke to Williams about his road to deliverance, the pressure to keep recording hit songs, and how God can use anything to write your ‘rescue story.’ More

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